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Tanya teaches a variety of courses including:

Survival Russian - a short course of around six lessons for people planning to visit Russia for business, pleasure or holiday. This course teaches the Cyrillic alphabet, essential to avoid getting lost on the Metro and basic, simple conversational Russian.

Intensive Russian - Two to three months of daily lessons for businessmen, diplomats and their families who are about to be posted to Russia and the former republics. This training gives good conversational skills and the ability to read and understand the language.

GCSE Russian- Over one or two years depending upon the number of lessons per week (usually one or two). Coaching to students who are already studying for GCSE can also be given to improve their grades.

AS and A2 Russian - Building from GCSE two one year courses to AS and then A2 Russian with around two lessons per week.


Lessons are typically charged at £25 per hour plus travelling costs if the student prefers lessons at their office, school or home.





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